Why do I need an agent?

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Why do I need an agent?

by Alive agent Lisa Jackson

You certainly don’t need an agent to be a writer, but if you want to be a published writer with a major house, develop professionally as an author and communicator, and increase your earning potential, then yes, you need an agent.

A literary agent serves as your representative to the publishing world. As the premier literary agency for faith-based and inspirational writing, Alive has earned a stellar reputation among all of the top publishers in the industry. Because of our proven track record of success, we communicate directly with the key decision makers and are able to get our manuscripts to the top of the stack for immediate review. We are also opening major new doors in Hollywood with film and TV producers.

But not all agents are created equal. When you sign with an agent, you should expect:

  • Industry knowledge: A good agent knows the ins and the outs of the publishing world and can help you navigate the shifting trends within the industry. At Alive, all of our agents have come out of a publishing background, bringing with them many years of in-the-trenches experience. We know how to talk to publishers because we’ve been there.
  • Editorial expertise: Since your proposal is often your only chance to make a first impression with a publisher, you want it to be absolutely killer. Alive agents are all wordsmiths at heart with serious editorial cred. We love nothing more than helping you develop, shape, and craft a can’t-put-down, gotta-keep-reading proposal that generates a contract quickly.
  • Enthusiasm and support: Your agent will be your number one fan. We will be your encourager when you’re struggling with writer’s block or the pressure of deadlines. We’ll be your cheerleader when you’re headed for a slam-dunk. Agents can talk to publishers about how awesome you are and what an incredible book you’ve written in a way that’s far less awkward than when you do it yourself.
  • Negotiation skills: Agents work hard to secure the best financial package and overall terms possible for their clients. But contract negotiation is about a lot more than just getting top dollar. Alive agents and our internal counsel are well-versed on every kind of publishing contract imaginable, and have the experience and legal experience necessary to ensure that in every case, our authors’ interests are protected.
  • Professional insights: A great agent takes the long view on your career. At Alive, we place a high value on long-term relationships. Our authors trust us because they know we see the big picture when it comes to their future. It’s our greatest passion to come alongside today’s leading voices and partner with them as they impact culture and transform the lives of future generations.