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Mercy Never Sleeps

By Jamie Blaine

Categories: Docudrama, Reality TV, Series

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Maybe God still moves and speaks in mysterious ways—some even stranger than we might ever expect.

Jamie Blaine’s life isn’t exactly going as planned. When a twist of fate places the late-night psychiatric crisis guy on 24/7 call, his insomnia ramps up to desperate stages as he veers closer to becoming the very kind of person he’s trying to save.

After a well-meaning colleague offers a workbook promising “the divine secret of life,” Blaine throws himself into the stereotypical journey of self-discovery with hilarious and heartbreaking conclusions that are anything but clichéd.

Jamie travels time to untangle his own story of God through the wilderness, battling alligators, acrophobia, anaphylactic shock, Christian tricksters, Christmas, insomnia zombies, hymn-singing bridge jumpers, preteen bullies, paranoid ER patients armed with knives, hatchet-wielding housewives, septuagenarian pugilists, locust swarms, and ghosts of the present, future, and past.

Categories: Docudrama / Reality TV

Themes: Love, discovery faith, mental health issues, heartbreak, addiction, recovery

Locations: Seattle, WA

Characters: Jamie Blaine: Psychotherapist working the night shift for a 24/7 crisis hotline and roller-skating rink DJ.

Other characters include the various characters from his true life experiences serving as a crisis hotline responder.