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Grace Anna Sings

By Angela Rae Rodgers

Categories: Docudrama, Drama, Reality TV, Youth

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Often in life we feel beat down. Life has lost its joy and we want to give up. Then there is a light – a light from someone unexpected. A story so inspiring, we begin to wake up and dream again.

Before Grace Anna was born, Angela Rodgers experienced heartbreaking loss that left her seeking God’s guidance and healing to make it through each day. After Grace Anna’s birth, Angela went from teaching science to being an advocate for her daughter. The Rodgers have gone through incredible highs and heartbreaking lows. But through it all, God has been their refuge and has blessed them with amazing, joyful lives.

Grace Anna’s inspirational journey has touched millions across the world and is proof that life is what you make it. Open your heart to God’s love and be uplifted through the courage, strength, and resilience of one of God’s tiniest warriors.

Genre: Made for TV movie / Reality / Docudrama

Themes: Courage, faith, health crises, loss, love, familial bonds, resilience

Location: Dunville, KY


Grace Anna Rodgers:  a playful, uplifting little girl, afflicted with Conradi-Hunemann syndrome, a rare genetic disorder characterized by skeletal malformations, skin abnormalities and cataracts, daughter of Angela and Jeff R0dgers,

Angela Ray Rodgers: mother to Grace Anna, advocate for Grace Anna and all children with disabilities

Jeff Rodgers: father to Grace Anna, married to Angela

Isaiah Rodgers: brother of Grace Anna, son of Angela

Angela Ray Rodgers advocates for all children with disabilities and is involved in charities for our veterans. She and Isaiah also developed the Graciebug Bundles of Love program that creates gift baskets for children, and their families, with long hospital stays.