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First Impressions

By Debra White Smith

Categories: Drama, Romance

Loosely based on the beloved Pride and Prejudice, Debra White Smith’s First Impressions weaves a spell–binding, modern–day tale on the challenges and rewards of love.

Eddi Boswick has just settled in Texas to establish her law practice. Joining a local theater group, she is thrilled when she is given the role of Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice.

William “Dave” Davidson III amassed a fortune in the computer industry but leads a quiet life on his ranch. On a dare he tries out for the play and lands the role of Darcy.

Sparks fly each time the lawyer meets the rancher. When Eddi uncovers Dave’s secret will her heart soften? Will Dave’s fear of “being tamed” keep him from discovering love?

Genre:  Romance / Drama

Themes: love, attraction, hidden secrets

Location: local community theater in London, Texas


Eddi Boswick: young lawyer, starting law practice in a new town in Texas, playing Elizabeth in local theater production of Pride and Prejudice

Dave Davidson: young, wealthy tech industry guru, living a quiet life on his Texas ranch, playing Darcy in local theater production of Pride and Prejudice

Debra White Smith is a speaker, media personality, and author of many bestselling books, including Romancing Your Husband, Romancing Your Wife, the Sister Suspense fiction series, and the Jane Austen fiction series. There are more than one million copies of her books in print.