Live Alive: Open the Door

Every intern wants to gain experience, but very few internships want to give it to them – interns have to grab bagels, shred a thousand papers, and sell their souls to get into meetings and shake hands with important people.

Jake Buller, Summer Intern 2017

When I came to Colorado Springs to work with Alive for the summer, I braced myself for this reality, determined to do well and make the best of every opening. However, I expected to have to work tooth-and-nail for my opportunities. While an internship at Alive has required hard, thoughtful work, I have gained so much more in return. Alive Literary Agency is the rare workplace that wants to give more than it gets. It’s not only a great workplace environment, it’s also a healthy Christian community, with a vibrancy that lives up to its name. In a world where internships are a glorified form of free labor, everyone at Alive genuinely wants to make the internship a success for the intern, not just the agency.

There is no filler work at Alive; you are expected to contribute, and with this expectation comes inclusion. As an Alive intern, I was a part of the team, not just a temporary bookstand or a handy paper-shredder. I sat in on meetings, I compiled statistics, I worked on book proposals, and I engaged thoughtfully with other members of the publishing industry – from publishers to editors, from agents to authors. Through this, I was able to learn about every step of the publishing process from the very people who make it happen.

The value of this experience is incredible, measured in new connections, new information, and a detailed look at what makes the publishing industry tick. It’s the perfect opportunity for someone looking to get their foot in the door – and Alive not only helps you get your foot in the door, they offer to unlock the door and open it wide.


—Jake Buller, Summer Intern 2017