Intern Interview: Alexa Hyde

From the Intern Desk is our series of posts that spotlight what being an Alive Intern is really like. If you are interested in becoming an intern at Alive, find out more information and requirements here.

Alexa Hyde photo for blog

Alexa Hyde, 2013 Alive Literary Agency Intern

Alexa, what interested you in becoming an intern?

I have always been interested in the Christian book world. So I was beyond excited when I was offered an internship at Alive, let alone the fact I would be living in Colorado: Hello, mountains!

What did you do?

I expected the obvious: I’d be reading manuscripts and bogged down with busywork. But what happened was beyond what I’d hoped: the agents at Alive gave me real world knowledge. I learned how to identify good book proposals and book covers, and slog through a tedious book contract. I felt the research I did made a difference in decisions the agency was making. I sat in on agent meetings and conference calls. I also got to meet with authors and publishers face-to-face.It was fun to help Alive beef up its social media. From the agents, I received one-on-one advice and industry secrets (I’ll never tell!).

How would you sum up your experience interning at Alive?

My expectations were blown out of the water. I learned that agents are the good guys that champion for the author’s rights. The Alive staff was welcoming and generous. I was offered rides to the airport and church, and taken out to lunch. I felt totally cared for! I have a new appreciation for agents, authors and publishers. Honestly, an internship at Alive is a worthwhile experience, and a great way for students to dip their toes into the fascinating world of agenting and publishing.