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How I Forgave the Unforgivable

Kathy Sanders, grieving grandmother who lost her only two grandsons in the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing, chronicles her journey from suicidal despair to a dangerous investigation laced with unimaginable events, and finally to an astounding revelation about herself.

As the investigation progressed, she questioned reports identifying Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols as the sole bombers. She wanted to know why witnesses, who saw someone in the truck with McVeigh that morning, were not questioned, why no one was investigating the many people seen in and out of McVeigh’s hotel room just before he headed for the bomb site, why the investigation did not examine phone records tying the bombers to known terrorist organizations.

Her questions led her to the Aryan Nations headquarters where she was met by a snarling guard dog and led by Hitler-loving radicals to their so-called church service. Next she visited the terrorist training center at Elohim City where military weapons were pointed directly at her as she approached the gate.

Armed with convincing evidence, she approached the convicted killers themselves through their families. Her persistence was rewarded when she began to correspond with bomber Terry Nichols. That led to telephone calls and finally to a face-to-face meeting in prison. While seeking information, she encouraged him to read the Bible, an activity that eventually led to his Christian conversion. It was then Kathy did the unimaginable. She forgave the man who killed her grandbabies.

Inspired by his new-found faith and encouraged by Kathy, Terry Nichols agreed to “tell all” on national television, but only if Kathy conducted the interview. “Sixty Minutes” arranged the interview to air from their New York studios. When the call did not come, the network was told by prison officials that the warden had removed Kathy from Nichols’ calling list that very morning. So, her evidence which was to be confirmed by the bomber himself was suppressed by the simple stroke of a warden’s pen. The burning questions remain and suspects walk free to this day.

Unspeakable tragedy, Thrilling Investigation, Conversion and Forgiveness

Kathy Sanders
, a devoted wife and mother becomes a world-travelling investigator, revealing her courage and faith as she relentlessly pursues the truth about the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Terry Nichols convicted of the murder of 168, finds his faith and agrees to tell the startling truth about exactly what happened and who else was involved.