“I’ve been a long time-client of Alive Literary Agency, and they’ve taken my career places I wouldn’t have dreamed. No other literary agency has their clout, integrity and influence in the publishing and film worlds. My latest contract, negotiated by Rick Christian, is an absolute work of art, suitable for framing. There has never been a more gifted, dedicated, demanding agent in the business. All that and he prays daily for me, my family and my writing. With Alive as my agency, I am the most blessed author ever.”

Karen Kingsbury

# 1 New York Times bestselling author

“I have been closely associated with Rick Christian and Alive Literary Agency for twenty-five years. That is long enough to test the authenticity of a personal relationship and the professional competence required when dealing with numerous publishers and many books. This is a literary agency at its best: impeccable honesty, personal attentiveness, skilled advocacy, and wise counsel. I started out with a literary agent and ended up with a friend.”

Eugene Peterson

Translator of The Message Bible

“Alive is known as a literary agency with strong editorial skills and great marketing instincts. Its success as an agency is well documented and irrefutable. Alive has played a vital role in helping me to find great books and talented authors. I maintain a close relationship with the remarkable team of agents at this incredible agency.”

Rolf Zettersten

Vice President, Hachette Books

“The best in the business. Alive Literary Agency is about more than just better deals. They personify value-added to every publishing agreement and have guided me to a more focused approach, writing less and producing more.”

Jerry B. Jenkins

# 1 New York Times bestselling author

“After countless rejections by lesser known literary agents, Alive took a big gamble on a couple of nobodies telling a wild tale about a real somebody. Alive caught our vision and launched our career to something much greater than we could have ever dreamed with multi-book and movie deals.”

Denver Moore

New York Times bestselling author

“Alive Literary Agency has played a huge role in the development and maturity of our industry. All of the agents who work there are real professionals, with a great deal of publishing and marketing experience, an uncanny instinct for trends, and a profound understanding of what makes a book connect with its intended audience. Alive is an essential part of our publishing strategy.”

Ron Beers

Senior Vice President and Publisher, Tyndale House