Burpos Release New Book, Hit the Airwaves

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, October 5, 2012—The Burpo family and Thomas Nelson have joined forces again to launch a new devotional reader titled Heaven Changes Everything, available in stores October 9, 2012. In the devotional, the Burpos illuminate some of the things they learned from Colton’s experience in Heaven. In addition, the Burpos will conduct a national media tour to support the launch, appearing on the following programs: TBN, Katie, The Today Show, Kilmeade & Friends, and The 700 Club. The Heaven is for Real brand continues to touch lives around the world with over 7 million books sold and 35 translations available. Join us on Facebook and check out the personal stories posted by readers: http://www.facebook.com/heavenisforreal. Or connect with the family on their web site, http://hifrministries.org/. – JK