To the Moon and Back

By Karen Kingsbury

Categories: Fiction

Published: 2018

Publisher: Howard Books

Dear Jenna,

Like I do every year, I wrote you a letter. In case you come to the memorial today. In case you want to find me as much as I want to find you.

It was the beginning of a letter not meant for Ashley Baxter Blake, but somehow she finds herself drawn to it. And to the handsome stranger who left it tucked in a chain-link fence for someone named Jenna. That man is Brady Bradshaw.

Brady was a child when the Oklahoma City bombing killed his mother. More than a decade ago, Brady met Jenna Phillips, whose parents were also killed in the attack. For a handful of beautiful hours, Brady and Jenna shared a deep heart connection.

But Brady never saw Jenna again. Now, a chance encounter leads Ashley to wonder if maybe she can help Brady find the girl he can’t forget.

Ashley’s family is skeptical. Should she spend so much time helping a man she’s never met? Will her husband, Landon, understand her intentions? And can healing and love grow from the ashes of a shattered yesterday?

Deeply emotional and beautifully romantic, To the Moon and Back is an unforgettable stand-alone love story in the Baxter family collection. A story about hope, healing, and what it means to survive.

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