The Twelve Gifts of Life Recovery

By Stephen Arterburn & David Stoop

Categories: Bibles, Non-Fiction, Religion and Culture, Self-help

Published: 2015

Publisher: Tyndale

God’s hope and strength for your journey

Recovery isn’t just about making the courageous choice to give up an addiction or a dependency.  It’s a journey toward health, wholeness, and your very best self.  Along the way, you’ll receive something remarkable: gifts from God to honor your life-enriching choices and encourage you as you walk through the Twelve Steps of Life Recovery.

From recovery pioneers Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop, creators of the bestselling Life Recovery Bible and Life Recovery book series that have helped millions of readers, comes The Twelve Gifts of Life Recovery. This book illuminates the blessings that God gives at each step:  hope, serenity, power, and courage – pillars of strength as you weather life’s storms.

The path to wholeness is never one you have to walk alone. The Twelve Gifts of Life Recovery is an inspiration to anyone in the recovery process, as well as to those who love them.

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