The Daniel Key

By Anne Graham Lotz

Categories: Non-Fiction, Religion and Culture

Published: 2018

Publisher: Zondervan

Twenty Choices that Make all the Difference

Keys to a Life of Impact

What are the secrets to a life of impact? Daniel achieved greatness in the eyes of his contemporaries. In the eyes of history. And in the eyes of Heaven as a man highly esteemed by God. His faith did not waver as he faced his critics, as he served new kings in power, or even as he confronted hungry lions. How can you and I achieve that kind of faith? Twenty intentional, key choices made all the difference. Daniel’s choices can be ours, such as:

  • The choice to listen
  • The choice to forgive
  • The choice to pray

In The Daniel Key, trusted Bible teacher Anne Graham Lotz reveals the keys to living a successful life that is powerful an effective.

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