One Beautiful Dream

By Jennifer Fulwiler

Categories: Non-Fiction, Religion and Culture

Published: 2018

Publisher: Zondervan

The rollicking tale of family chaos, personal passions, and saying yes to them both

Is it possible to pursue your passions, love your family, and not feel guilty about wanting to do both?

When Jennifer Fulwiler had her third child, she faced a crisis. As much as she loved her life, something was missing. It had been so long since she’d pursued her own passions that she was starting to forget what they were.

After being jerked out of her routine by an unexpected opportunity, she dared to ask: Is there any room for personal fulfillment during seasons of sacrifice? How can we use our God-given talents while still honoring our obligations?

One Beautiful Dream is the hilarious and highly relatable story of one woman’s attempt to follow her dreams in the midst of–brace yourself, folks–having six babies in eight years. Jennifer writes with raw honesty as she shares her struggles with family life, especially given her background as a career-minded atheist with no siblings of her own. And, in the end, she leaves us empowered by the knowledge that you can have it all, if you’re willing to reimagine what having it all looks like.

Personal ambitions, family planning, and faith–it’s complicated. Let One Beautiful Dream be your invitation to the unexpected joy of saying yes to the life you long to live.

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