Job: A Story of Unlikely Joy

By Lisa Harper

Categories: Religion and Culture

Published: 2018

Publisher: LifeWay

Pain is inevitable. It may range in intensity from temporary inconvenience to terminal inevitability, but regardless, you can’t avoid it. In the pages of the Old Testament we find Job, a good and godly man, who suffered devastating loss. His plight seemed unfair. His comforters became critics. His questions went unanswered. Yet in the midst of his darkness, light peeked through, hope stayed the course, and unlikely joy emerged.

Join Lisa Harper in this 7-session study of the Book of Job to:

  • Experience healing and deeper connection with the God who cares for you.
  • Know that God sees your hardship and welcomes your difficult questions.
  • Prize the reality of God’s love and goodness more than life’s difficulties.
  • Witness your pain being transformed into a conduit for God’s glory and compassionate comfort.



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