Can You Relate?

By Vicki Courtney

Categories: Children & Youth, Non-Fiction, Religion and Culture

Published: 2016

Publisher: B&H

How to Handle Parents, Friends, Boys and More

In the classroom, on the team, at the dinner table, online – you share your life with a lot of people, and you don’t always get to choose who gets the biggest piece.

Best-selling author Vicki Courtney offers just-what-you-need advice on handling and growing relationships with parents, friends, boys, and everyone else who fills your day. Find out all you need to know about such topics as:

  • Dealing with mean-girl drama
  • Fitting in when you feel left out
  • Talking to boys
  • Keeping the peace with your siblings
  • Making God your top priority

Share the ups and downs, learn the ins and outs, and start making the most of all your relationships!

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