Successful Women Think Differently

By Valorie Burton

Categories: Non-Fiction

Published: 2012

Publisher: Harvest House

You Are Capable of Far More Than You Know

Does the hectic pace of life threaten to overwhelm your dreams?  Have you set out to achieve certain goals, but just can’t seem to get the kind of momentum you need?  Are you unsure about which direction to take next?  Scientific studies are proving what the ancient wisdom of Scripture has shown all along:  Successful women think differently.   They make decisions differently, set goals differently, and bounce back from failure and adversity differently.

Let popular author and veteran life coach Valorie Burton help you create new thought processes that empower you to succeed at high levels in your relationships, finances, work, health, and spiritual life.  With research-based, spiritually grounded habits, you’ll discover how to…

  • cultivate relationships that enrich your life, mission, and goals
  • focus on solutions, not problems
  • communicate effectively in personal and professional relationships
  • overcome thought patterns that sabotage success
  • bounce back from setbacks and turn them into strategic advantages

Are you ready to make changes that will leave you happier, healthier, and more resilient?

With more than 100 self-coaching questions, this book will help you blast through obstacles and lay the foundation for success that is true to who you are.  Unlock the principles that will give you the momentum to achieve authentic success and happiness!

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