Being an intern at Alive means days filled with more than just filing papers or turning pages; it means being a part of a team that works to change lives. An Alive internship is the right place for you if you want to see how the publishing industry really works, gain real-world experience that you can apply, and learn from some of the most accomplished literary agents in the business.

Alive Literary Agency offers unpaid internships year-round, either full-time or part-time. We gladly work with your college or university to ensure that you receive academic credit.

“An internship at Alive is a worthwhile experience, and a great way for students to dip their toes into the fascinating world of agenting and publishing. My expectations were blown out of the water.”

— Alexa Hyde, Alive intern


This series of articles written by our interns show you what life is like as an intern at Alive.
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See what we’re looking for and apply to become an intern.
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