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Storm Siren

By Mary Weber

Categories: Fantasy, Series, Youth

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In a world where Elementals are only born male, and always killed at birth, Nym is an anomaly at best. At worst, people around her die—including her parents when she was five. When her uncontrollable, weather-manipulating ability erupts on the Faelen auction block, Nym is purchased by High Councilwoman Adora and introduced into a world of parties and political betrayal surrounding a young king fighting for his throne and a tired nation that enslaves its own people. Put to work honing her Elemental powers alongside Colin, an earth-mover, Nym becomes friends with him and his servant sister, Breck, and gradually with the handsome trainer Eogan who displays a unique ability to calm Nym’s storms. She wrestles with the idea of being trained as a weapon even as it becomes clear that she and Colin are all that stand between Faelen and the technologically-advanced Bron army—not to mention the rumored reemergence of the monstrous shapeshifter, Draewulf. Just as Nym is gaining control over her power and falling for Eogan, she discovers he’s the missing twin heir of  Bron, and that he helped murder her parents.

Hurt and angry, Nym takes an assignment with Colin to end the war. But before they can complete it, Nym finds out Adora has double crossed them and sent them to kill Faelen’s king. As Nym, Colin, and Eogan join the Faelen king and take down Bron’s king (Eogan’s brother), Breck suddenly appears and shape-shifts into Draewulf, who kills Colin as he protects Nym. Nym and Eogan fight Draewulf, and while Eogan goes to finish him, Nym saves Faelen with a maelstrom, throwing Bron’s armies into disarray. The story explores what happens when the elusive redemption a slave girl seeks through control and works, ends up being freely given. In the closing scene, Nym finds Eogan, has been taken over by Draewulf.

Friendship, Love, War, Justice, Self-harm, Human Trafficking, Atonement, Identity, Destiny

Nymia – at 17 years old, she’s had 14 owners since first being sold at age 6. With a crippled hand and storm powers that kill, she’s got attitude and views herself as a curse. Through Eogan’s training and Colin’s act of sacrifice, Nym comes to see herself as a valued person who’s gifted to protect others.

Eogan is Nym’s 22-year-old handsome black trainer who can block others’ powers—except for Nym’s. His touch simply calms her. He works for Adora and is secretly the missing twin of Bron’s current king and rightful heir to the Bron throne. He used to be romantically involved with Draewulf’s daughter.

Adora is Nym’s new owner. In her forties, she’s flamboyant, arrogant, and obsessed with men, including Eogan. She betrays Faelen’s king and Bron in an effort to ingratiate herself with Draewulf.

Colin, 18 and cocky, but with a charming heart, is a Terrene with earth-moving powers. A sweet friend, he becomes romantically interested in Nym, then ultimately sacrifices his life for her.

Breck, Colin’s sister, is a spunky, blind servant girl who’s taken over (and thus killed) by Draewulf right after Nym falls for Eogan and just before she discovers his true identity as Bron’s heir.

Draewulf, shapeshifter and wolf monster of Faelen legend—he’s a wizard and deposed ruler who’s seeking to take over both Faelen and Bron. He’s been alive for 120 years.