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Even Now/Ever After

By Karen Kingsbury

Categories: Drama, Romance

Two books that would make one very ,TV or Theatrical, or a mini-series

Emily Anderson is a college soccer player, desperately seeking answers about the parents she doesn’t know. Her parents, war correspondent Lauren Gibbs and Army Captain Shane Galanter, are on opposite sides of a war neither one wanted. They remember each other, but too many years and too many differences stand between them.

Meanwhile, Emily believes their separation is her fault. She was born out of wedlock, and her birth caused them to go in separate directions. Now she wants to be the reason they come back together. Her single prayer? That they find each other again and get married. Emily lives with her grandmother who believes that what Emily is praying for is impossible.

Still, Emily is undaunted, and after much work she locates her parents. Neither parents knew she was alive, and their reunion is sweet.  Still, their differenes are too great for any progress in their strained relationship. At the same time, Emily meets a young soldier, Justin Baker, and the two fall in love.

Emily’s mother returns to work in Afghanistan as Justin is deployed to the same region. Justin is kind to the children and easily helps those in need. He gives Lauren a different view of the military. But then Justin’s vehicle is blown up by an IED and suddenly tragedy overtakes everyone.

In the midst of the greatest heartache Emily has ever known, her parents come together and suddenly their differences pale in comparison to their love for each other. Their wedding is proof that God heard the prayers of Emily and Justin’s, and even in loss there is hope and redemption.

Political differences, answered prayer, reconciliation, loss, love, the value of life, military support, patriotism.

Seattle, WA, Fort Lewis Army Base, Afghanistan

Shane Galanter, 39, strong, short, cropped hair, good looking. Army Captain. Shane’s family moved him to California after his high school girlfriend, Lauren, gets pregnant their senior year of high school. The two never speak again. Shane is conservative, kind, and in love with another woman when his college-aged daughter surfaces and reconnects him with Lauren.

Lauren Gibbs, 38, war correspondent for a national news magazine. She is pretty but serious, dark hair, blue eyes. Very intelligent. She is cynical and liberal. She believes her daughter died as an infant, and she never contacted her mother again. Instead, her mother has raised Emily. She is shocked when her daughter surfaces and tries to reunite her with Shane.

Emily Anderson, 21, long brown hair, blue eyes, fit soccer player. Emily works to find and reunite her parents, only to realize that their differences are too great. In the meantime she falls in love with soldier Justin Baker. Emily has a strong faith and an idealistic, beautiful view of love and life.

Justin Baker, 22, Handsome, strong soldier.  He is a strong Christian and falls hard for Emily. Before he ships out, he tells Emily he wants to marry her. And he promises to pray that her parents will reunite and get married one day. Justin’s life in Afghanistan is constantly about serving and helping others. This makes an impact on Lauren. One that ultimately – despite tragedy – draws Lauren back to Shane, and to the wedding day their daughter dreamed and prayed about.