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The Emancipation of Robert Sadler

By Robert Sadler & Marie Chapian

Categories: Docudrama

A Gritty, Raw Real-Life Tale That Will Both Shock and Inspire You.

Robert Sadler was sold into slavery at the age of five by his father for $85.00 and spent his childhood and much of his teenage years as a young, black slave in the employ of a cruel, ruthless, white plantation owner in South Carolina in 1916.

The book hauntingly recounts Sadler’s search for meaning and significance as he moved from town to town, state to state, looking for employment and purpose.

Originally published in 1975, this is the no-holds-barred tale of those dark days, his quest for freedom, and the determination to serve others borne out of his experience. You won’t forget this poignant true story of good triumphing over evil, of God’s grace, and of an extraordinary life of ministry.

Enslavement and Emancipation, Faith, Freedom, Forgiveness, Grace, Conflict, Good vs. Evil, Love, History, Redemption

Robert Sadler: Slave, Minister