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Fatal Convictions

By Randy Singer

Categories: Drama, Mystery/Thriller

The wife of a prominent Muslim leader is brutally murdered shortly after converting to Christianity. Is it a coincidence, or has honor killing reached the resort towns of America?

Alexander Madison is part lawyer, part pastor and part con artist. He certainly isn’t interested in taking the case that every other lawyer is running away from. But deep down, he believes the accused imam is innocent and decides to defend him in the biggest murder case Virginia Beach has ever seen.

Soon, a media firestorm, pressure from his church to drop the case, and increasing evidence against his client all make Alex wonder if he’s just made the biggest mistake of his life. But’s it’s too late now. With a ruthless assassin still on the loose, Alex is in for the fight of his life.

Fatal Convictions was one of three finalists, along with stories from John Grisham and Michael Connelly, for the inaugural Harper Lee Prize for Best Legal Fiction (awarded by the American Bar Association).

Justice; Tearing down cultural barriers; Defending the unpopular; Fighting prejudice.

A Virginia Beach courthouse, hospital, church, and coffee shop on the Boardwalk; Surfing at Virginia Beach; An abandoned railyard in the Hezbollah district of Lebanon; A mosque and Martyr’s Square in Beirut; A beach house in Sandbridge.

Alex Madison 
is a young attorney who is also a part-time pastor of a small evangelical church. He was raised by his grandfather, John Patrick Madison, a local legend who was a civil rights crusader in the south prior to his death. Alex now has his own small and dysfunctional firm.

Shannon Reese is a former gymnast and the hardworking law partner of Alex Madison. She and Alex have an on-again off-again romance, spurred on by Alex’s grandmother who thinks Shannon hung the moon.

Khalid Mobassar is a prominent Muslim imam accused of orchestrating an honor killing. He wins the respect of Alex who agrees to defend him.

Nara Mobassar is the smart, beautiful and opinionated daughter of Khalid. She is a proponent for a moderate form of Islam, complete with a western view of women’s rights. Alex and Nara get off to a rough start but things heat up from there.

Taj Deegan is the hard-charging prosecutor determined to make an example of Khalid Mobassar and a fool out of Alex.