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Angels Walking

By Karen Kingsbury

Categories: Drama, Romance, Series

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Three books that would make one very strong theatrical or TV series

A team of angels works in covert ways to see a mission accomplished on earth. Four angels – Ember, Beck, Jag, and Aspen, are assigned to oversee events at hand with a specific group of humans, and to save one particular baby, destined to help all of mankind.

Tyler Ames is a washed up baseball player looking for purpose. Meanwhile, the former love of his life, Sami Dawson is about to marry a man she doesn’t really love. Her friend, Mary Catherine Clark, has a failing heart and a will to live beyond her broken body. And Marcus Dillinger, a pro pitcher, has fallen for Mary Catherine and would do anything to make her feel the same way.

These four friends are at the center of a series of angels walking missions – all of which are ultimately designed to save the life of a single baby. The angels secretly interact with the four, making life-and-death rescues and aiding communication where brokenness once prevailed.

Despite what seems like utter failure and defeat at every turn, good wins and ultimately a double wedding takes place, just before the birth of the baby who the angels set out to save. The series of small miracles along the way help all four humans believe again. And they help us to believe again, too.

Miracles, Angels, homelessness, lost love, faith, heart disease, living life to the full, gang violence, inner city issues, volunteerism, two major love stories. Baseball, High drama, high stakes, beautiful relationships. 

Los Angeles, CA., Nashville, TN, (minor) Kenya, Africa. (minor)

Jag – Strong, tall, blonde angel. Often a police officer.

Beck – Black, good looking, svelte angel. Plays many roles

Ember – Pale, red-gold hair angel. Plays a friend to Mary Catherine and Sami at different times.

Aspen – Black, beautiful, lithe angel. Plays a volunteer in the inner city.

Tyler Ames, 24, blonde, blue-eyed baseball player. Tanned skin, weathered. Tyler skipped college to play in the minors, but the dream never panned out. Along the way, Tyler messed up and lost a relationship with his parents and his girlfriend. He’s homeless and working at an assisted living facility when the angels secretly intervene.

Sami Dawson, 23, dark hair, dark eyes, works in public relations in Los Angeles. A business trip takes her to Florida where she finds Tyler, the one-time love of her life.

Mary Catherine Clark, 24, full pale red hair, pretty freckled face, full of life and adventure. Mary Catherine’s heart is failing and ultimately she will face a heart transplant. She doesn’t mean to fall in love with pro pitcher Marcus Dillinger, but she does. Mary Catherine leaves to spend six months at an orphanage in Africa, where her heart gives out.

Marcus Dillinger, 25, Black/white mix, handsome, chiseled face. Pro baseball pitcher. Marcus finds faith in God and near the end of the three-book series, he follows Mary Catherine to Africa. With the help of the angel team, he dramatically saves her life. Ultimately he and Mary Catherine will marry at a double-ceremony with Tyler and Sami. Then they will adopt the baby of a teen from the inner city. A teen they have spent years helping. This is the baby the angels set out to save from the beginning of the series.