Kenneth Bae to Share Story of Years in North Korean Prison

Colorado Springs, CO–April 15, 2015–Alive LiteraryKenneth-Bae-screenshot-North-Korea-speak-press Agency is pleased to announce it will represent Kenneth Bae, a Christian missionary imprisoned by the¬†North Korean¬†government from November 2012 until his release in November 2014. His forthcoming book will share the personal account of his spiritual journey amid extreme hardship while serving his fifteen-year sentence in a labor camp.

Upon his release, Bae held only a brief press conference. Despite requests from national and international news media, Bae chose not to disclose details of his ordeal. Instead, he has focused on recuperating and reflecting before sharing his extraordinary story. Bae wants the world to know of his experiences and to convey the depth of his spiritual journey, in his own words, in his own time. Says Bae, “Often I looked in the mirror in my prison cell and said to myself: I am a missionary. I was sent by God to be here. I am here to represent His kingdom and to be a light to this land. Do not forget. Do not be discouraged. You are here for a reason.”

Bae at Alive

L-R: Bryan Norman, Alive agent; Kenneth Bae; Rick Christian, Founder/President, Alive; Debbie Christian, Submissions Director, Alive

Hosting a guided trip to North Korea, his 18th trip to the country, Bae was detained by the North Korean authorities under suspicion of having material speaking against the government. Bae was tried by the Korean Supreme Court, found guilty, and sentenced to fifteen years hard labor in a Korean prison. There he endured both physical and psychological hardships until his release in late 2014. He is the longest-serving American prisoner in North Korea since the Korean War. Says Alive literary agent Bryan Norman, “It’s an extraordinary privilege to partner with Kenneth and help share his story. What he experienced and learned about God through his ordeal captures the very heart of our passion as an agency. We can’t wait for readers to see God’s provision and protection on full display through Kenneth’s life.”

Bae, a Korean-American Evangelical Christian, moved to the United States at age eighteen. He is a committed Christian Missionary with an MDiv from Covenant Theological Seminary, a licensed preacher in the Presbyterian Church in America, and an ordained Southern Baptist pastor. Bae spent several years as a missionary in China before his imprisonment in North Korea. He lives in Seattle with his family.