Behind the Scenes: The Message

By Rick Christian, Founder and CEO of Alive Literary Agency I first encountered Eugene Peterson’s work in a January 1991 article he’d written for Christianity Today, entitled “Listen, Yahweh.” It included some sidebar translations he’d done on a couple of Psalms, and his words rattled around my head for hours. His paragraph bio at the foot

Behind the Scenes: Left Behind

By Rick Christian, Founder and CEO of Alive Literary Agency I am often asked how the Left Behind series became the phenomenon it did, with sales of nearly 70 million copies and earning co-authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins worldwide fame. These queries increased dramatically following Tim’s death of a stroke July 25, 2016,

Film/TV Deals Buoy Colorado Springs Literary Agency’s Faith-based Titles

When Rick Christian decided to gamble on a future as a literary agent in the world of spiritual and inspirational literature, he tapped into home equity to pay the bills while he pursued his vision. That earned him a year. At the end of it, he sold his car, buying a 13th month. And when that money ran out, Christian gathered up the books in his personal library – collected during a lifetime of reading – and held a fire sale on his front lawn. “I lined my driveway with them.”