We Saved You a Seat

By Lisa-Jo Baker

Categories: Non-Fiction, Religion and Culture, Self-help

Published: 2017

Publisher: LifeWay

Finding and Keeping Lasting Friendships

Pull up a chair. In today’s busy world, we’re wired to be “fine,” warding off authenticity for pleasantries. Shielding ourselves from misunderstanding or judgment. Hiding in the shadows of our busyness to escape intimate friendship with the women God places in our lives.

Yet we do want a seat at the table. We want the authentic relationships. The opportunity to be “not fine” with people who care about us and cheer for us. But comparison, envy, and even a sense of entitlement often stop us from sitting at the table. Friendship can be hard, making new friends can be even harder, and sometimes maintaining a genuine friendship can be the hardest.

The ultimate friend, Jesus, doesn’t give up on us. We can see through His life an example of what it means to be a friend, even when it’s hard or risky.

In this 7-session Bible study, Lisa-Jo Baker and friends from (in)courage will unpack what it takes to be a friend. We’ll learn what Jesus meant when He invited us to love others. And we’ll see what it takes to do “the hard work of getting along.”

So join us and take a seat at the table!

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