The Master’s Mind

By Lance Hahn

Categories: Non-Fiction, Self-help

Published: 2017

Publisher: W Publishing

The Art of Reshaping Your Thoughts

Overcome Your Greatest Battle

Why are so many of us insecure, depressed, and confused? This is not the condition God has in mind for us. In fact, the Master’s overwhelming desire is to see us full of hope, strength, peace, joy, and love. So where do we go wrong? How do we overcome all the negativity we encounter?

As pastor Lance Hahn explains, what we think determines who we are. An identity that is not anchored in Christ’s work on the cross ends up tossed about on the sea of a million random influences. Between the world, the flesh, and the Devil, we don’t know what to think. When someone other than God is running the show in our minds, our lives are filled with hurt, pain, and regret.

The Master’s Mind shows just how much God wants to strengthen our minds and enable us to rise above the noise that seeks to overwhelm us. Pastor Lance knows firsthand the power that comes from a mind at rest, trusting God’s goodness despite the voices in our heads.

It’s time for us to take back control of our minds, to master them and bring them back in alignment with the Master’s will. It’s time to return to the Master’s Mind.

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