Drawn in Bible Study Series

By Eugene H. Peterson

Categories: Non-Fiction, Religion and Culture

Published: 2017

Publisher: NavPress

Esther, Mary, & Ruth

Color With Friends. Be Drawn in to Scripture.

Deepen your friendships as you gather around Scripture for coloring and conversation. Drawn in offers simple four-week Bible studies— perfect for groups or personal devotions. Coloring quiets your heart and mind so you can enter fully into Scripture’s stories. The Bible’s passion and personality come through in The Message, surprising new and longtime Bible readers alike. Discover the delight of being Drawn in!

Esther: Finding Yourself in Times of Trouble

An unlikely queen. A murderous enemy. A miraculous turnaround. The story of Esther is breathtaking. Through study, coloring, and conversation, discover how to find your voice and grow your faith during times of trouble.

Mary: Seeing God through the Eyes of a Mother

Fear. Anticipation. Heartache. Joy. Mary knew the struggle of bringing new life into a harsh world. Still she willingly opened herself to be vulnerable to God’s purposes. From her simple faithfulness as a young woman to her soul-piercing anguish at the foot of the cross, journey with Mary through the sorrow and the joys of saying yes to God.

Ruth: Discovering Your Place in God’s Story

Struck by tragedy. On the fringes of society. Seizing upon hope. Ruth didn’t wait for hope to arrive. She sought it out and grabbed hold of it. Compelled by need, animated by faith, she dared to leave the only land she knew. Ruth’s resilience and resourcefulness offer you a creative vision to navigate life’s inevitable struggles, trust God, and hold fast to his irrevocable hope.

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