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Dog Company

By Lynn Vincent and Roger Hill

Categories: Non-Fiction

Published: 2017

Publisher: Hachette

The enemy always seemed to know when the Americans were coming.

After just six months in the violent province of Wardak, Afghanistan, a third of Captain Roger Hill’s unit, Dog Company, 1-506th, had been wounded in battle. Then two soldiers are killed on a routine patrol.

Working with an Army counterintelligence team, Hill busts a dozen enemy infiltrators – local nationals working on his base while also passing secrets to the Taliban. But pro-enemy rules of engagement tie Hill’s hands. If he cannot transfer the spies who killed and maimed his men to a higher level of detention within 96 hours, he will be forced to set them free.

Hill, a West Point grad and decorated combat veteran, was a rising young officer who had always followed the letter of the military law. Now, though, abaondoned by his high command, he suddenly faces an excruciating choice: follow Army rules on prisoner treatment, or damn the rules to his own destruction and protect the men he’d grown to love.

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