Brush of Wings

By Karen Kingsbury

Categories: Fiction

Published: 2016

Publisher: Howard

Despite needing a heart transplant and against the advice of her doctor, Mary Catherine moves to Uganda to work at a new orphanage.  Whatever time she has left, Mary Catherine wants to spend helping children – especially since there will be no children of her own.  The only problem is Major League Baseball player Marcus Dillinger, the man she never meant to fall in love with.  Neither Marcus nor Mary Catherine’s other friends – Tyler Ames and Sami Dawson – will ever know just how serious her heart condition is.  Unless a team of Angels Walking can help bring about the impossible.

Through it all, Marcus is sure in the depths of his soul that something is wrong with Mary Catherine. After months of silence from her, a divinely timed letter leads him on a desperate life-or-death mission.  Then – as Sami and Tyler prepare to marry – the group receives shocking news that changes everyone’s plans. At the same time, the angels in their midst are faced with a very real possibility not all missions succeed.

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