Alive Inks “Unsinkable” Nelson Deal

L to R: Rick Christian, Abby Sunderland, Lynn Vincent (Collaborator)

January 2011–Six months after a rogue wave nearly took her life at sea, teen sailor Abby Sunderland has signed a publishing deal with Thomas Nelson about how, at 16, she set out to become the youngest person in history to circumnavigate the globe alone. “Abby is a young woman who embodies the American spirit of courage and adventure,” said Alive’s president Rick Christian, who negotiated the deal together with agent Andrea Heinecke.  He noted that Abby’s partnership with the perennial New York Times bestselling collaborator Lynn Vincent is a match made in heaven. “I have every expectation this book will sail to the top of the charts, as have the others Lynn has helped with, including Same Kind of Different as Me, Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue, and Heaven Is for Real.” “The book, entitled Unsinkable, will hit stores in April and be backed by a major national PR campaign,” said Andrea, explaining that it will offer a behind-the-scenes account of Abby’s courageous adventure on the high seas. It was June 10, 2010 when, already four months into the voyage, a rogue wave de-masted and rolled Abby’s boat.  Though she lost radio contact with her parents and was feared lost at sea, rescuers—the nearest of whom were 400 miles away—found her afloat and alive after having spent two days in the perilous waters of a remote region of the Indian Ocean. “Abby stirred worldwide media support after her recovery, but now the full story can finally be told,” Andrea said. –RC